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Open Classes available
We offer a small number of places for highly skilled dancers to join the company for class or to be taught by a top dance professional at our new studios at Here East in east London.  Fast paced, rigorous and highly technical, participants must be either dance professionals, dance graduates or students in full time professional training.

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Open company class teacher: Matthew Hawkins 
Following studies with Merce Cunningham in 1982 and later work at The Cunningham studio, Hawkins has continued to apply the technique he learned in those settings, as a core element of his training and teaching. For an even longer time, he has been versed in classical ballet, specifically the Cecchetti method. Elements of both these influences have chimed with Hawkins' own choreographic observations and interests to make a fusion vocabulary that he has delivered in company classes for both Rambert and Company Wayne McGregor, having taught both troupes since the mid 1990s. In addition, Hawkins has given his classes consistently in universities in China, France, Holland, Spain and the UK. In fact he began his journey as a teacher in the commercial setting of London's Pineapple studios and these days most of his classes are at Dancebase Edinburgh; often for beginners, elders and a community of people with special needs. Matthew Hawkins is supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme.

Open company class teacher: Jeannie Steele
A member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (1993-2005), Steele served as Cunningham's rehearsal assistant from 2000 to 2006. She began teaching Cunningham technique in 1997 and staging Cunningham's repertoire in 1998, working with companies including Royal Swedish Ballet, New York City Ballet and Rambert. Her most recent work with Rambert resulted in a nomination for a UK Theatre Award (2014). Since moving to London in 2007, Steele has held a position as a full time lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School. In addition to her work at the school, she continues to stage Cunningham repertoire and also teaches regularly for Richard Alston, Matthew Bourne, Michael Clarke, DV8 and Rambert. Steele holds an MA from the University of Kent/LCDS and a Pilates teaching certification from The Kane School of Core Integration in New York City. Her class utilises the complex movement vocabulary and dynamic range of a pure Cunningham structure with a focus on helping each dancer achieve and sustain optimal anatomical awareness and healthy alignment.

Classes are £8 each (including VAT), and are offered on a first come, first served basis. 
We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. Please note that the fee is £8 for all bookings. If you are based in the UK, please select the UK option which is £6.67 plus VAT (total £8). If you are not based in the UK, please select the Outside UK option of £8 (VAT does not apply). We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. If you cancel within less than 24 hours we cannot refund your payment for the class you could not attend. If for an unforeseen reason the class cannot go ahead, we will notify attendees as soon as possible by phone and email. If you have any questions about payment please contact us at / 020 7278 6015.

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