FreeSpace is a cornerstone programme for Studio Wayne McGregor.

This major new artist development and community engagement programme at Studio Wayne McGregor offers choreographic artists studio space free of charge in meaningful blocks of time towards creation, research and rehearsal. In return, FreeSpace artists are be asked to gift their time and expertise on, to deliver creative engagement projects within schools and communities.

This programme will support artists to explore innovation in new directions, form an artists’ incubation and innovation community, and provide inspiring learning opportunities led by professional practising artists to thousands of participants each year.

Lates at Studio Wayne McGregor
Lates is an opportunity for any dance artists to book space at our studios free of charge in the evenings Monday to Thursday (6 - 9pm), plus opportunities for daytime space at short notice, dependent on availability. In exchange, we ask for each artist to deliver one day (6-8 hours) of engagement for every 40 hours of rehearsal space taken. The engagement programme will be developed in collaboration with the Learning & Engagement team at Studio Wayne McGregor.
To express interest in joining the Lates list, contact Valeria Carrassa, Executive Assistant, Studio Wayne McGregor.