Arts Council England

Studio Wayne McGregor’s regular funding from Arts Council England has enabled the creation of over 30 company works touring to national and international audiences in addition to the interaction with over 90,000 participants through the Learning and Engagement programme.

The Vitruvian Group

The Vitruvian Group is an extraordinary group of people who collectively are an unbelievable resource for Studio Wayne McGregor.

Quercus Trust

Quercus Trust is the principal supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Marina Kleinwort Trust

We gratefully acknowledge the significant support from Marina Kleinwort and The Marina Kleinwort Trust towards Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation is a significant supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor. 

The Taylor Family Foundation

The Taylor Family Foundation is a significant supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.

Garfield Weston Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation generously supported Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Sackler Trust

The Sackler Trust generously supported Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Space

The Space supported Studio Wayne McGregor on the filming of Atomos in 2016.

The Michael Harry Sacher Charitable Trust

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support from Michael and Nicola Sacher towards Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Wolfson Foundation

The Wolfson Foundation is a supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Cochemé Charitable Trust

The Cochemé Charitable Trust is a supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.

The London Community Foundation & Cockayne - Grants for the Arts

The London Community Foundation and Cockayne - Grants for the Arts are supporters of Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Mackintosh Foundation

The Mackintosh Foundation is a supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Wayne McGregor Foundation

The Wayne McGregor Foundation is a supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies supports Studio Wayne McGregor's Learning and Engagement programme.

Sadler's Wells

Sadler's Wells supported the Studio Wayne McGregor campaign.


Sotheby's generously waived their commission from the sale of the Josef Albers painting that in 2015 was donated to Studio Wayne McGregor by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

CHK Charities Limited

CHK Charities Limited is a supporter of Studio Wayne McGregor.


Cripps provided support towards Studio Wayne McGregor.

London Legacy Development Corporation

London Legacy Development Corporation supported the fundraising campaign for Studio Wayne McGregor.


Delancey provided support towards Studio Wayne McGregor.

Castle Davis

Castle Davis provided support towards Studio Wayne McGregor.


DTZ provided support towards Studio Wayne McGregor.

The Idlewild Trust

The Idlewild Trust supports Studio Wayne McGregor's PEER mentoring programme in 2017-18, for final year vocational dance students and recent graduates.

Individual Donors

Studio Wayne McGregor is incredibly grateful for the generous support from a large number of contributions from individuals and companies.