Film and TV

Our unique and dynamic studio and open spaces are adaptable for a range of small to large-scale film and television shoots. Shoots can take place within the studios, open gallery space, collaboration rooms or a combination of spaces. Spaces such as Studio 2, Production Space, and the Dressing Rooms can be utilised for green room facilities as well as wardrobe and make-up prep spaces.

Studio 3 (one of the largest studios) on the ground floor is the main space used for filming with its provision for full black out, close access to freight lift for easy get-in and availability of three phase power.

To discuss how we can work with you on your film/TV shoot, and find out the availability of spaces and commercial rates, please contact Rebecca Marshall on / 020 7278 6015


Studio 3

Our main filming studio, located on our ground floor with close access to the freight lift for easy get-in. Situated on the ground floor, Studio 3 features four mirrored doors, the provision for full black out and potential exclusive use of the Production Space and Albers Room.

15.6m x 15.6m x 5.6m / 3.6m (to beams);  4 x entry doors: 3m x 3m

  • Harlequin activity sprung dance floor (black)
  • White oiled oak top surface option available
  • 4 x mirrored doors (can be covered)
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Total power rating 3.5kw (16A), three phase power available
  • Full range high quality sound system with mini jack connection
  • XLR stereo interface for own equipment
  • Access ramps at South and East entrances to Studio 3
  • Black out available

Studio 1

On the second floor, the feature aperture in the ceiling fills the space with natural light during daylight hours (with provision for black out).

18m x 15.6m x 5.6m / 3.6m to beams; entry doors: 3m x 2.4m

  • Harlequin activity sprung floor with cascade surface

  • Full range high quality D&B sound system

  • Mini jack connection with local volume control

  • XLR stereo interface for own equipment

  • Wired data connections

  • Air heating and cooling (not air conditioning)

  • Blackout available

  • Total power rating 3.5kw (16A)

  • Three phase power available

  • Dimmable LED lights

Studio 2

An intimate space on the second level, ideal for small scale productions. Studio 2 can also be purposed as a green room or second location in conjunction with one of our larger studios.

13m x 11m

  • Harlequin activity sprung dance floor (grey)

  • White oiled oak top surface option available

  • Natural light through skylights

  • Window overlooking open gallery space

  • Total power rating 3.5kw (16A), three phase power available

  • High quality sound system (boom bar)

  • XLR stereo interface for installation of own sound system

  • Three-phase power available

  • Available for Green Room 

Our facilities include: - Three studios offering a range of lighting and flooring styles - A range of meeting and collaboration spaces that can be purposed for production spaces, green rooms, dressing and make-up, catering, space for equipment and crew - Kitchen and dining area for self-catering - Air heating and cooling (not air conditioning) - Dimmable LED lighting in a range of lighting states, natural light and black out available (dependent on studio) - High speed WiFi and wired data connections

Access and deliveries - Our spaces are fully accessible - The Here East freight lift can be accessed from the south loading bay, via roller shutter on Studio Wayne McGregor's ground level. Allowing for large equipment deliveries, the freight lift is 64 x 3m x 3.6m, maximum load 6 tonnes - There is a small internal lift to access the ground, first and second levels within Studio Wayne McGregor (lift dimensions: 1.96m2, 2m high, maximum load 500kg).

Obsidian Terrace

This versatile space on the first level features inviting wood panelling, and physical works based on artwork by Bauhaus artist Josef Albers. The striking architecture of the Obsidian Terrace makes it attractive for small scale film and TV shoots, but it can also be utilised for wardrobe fittings, make-up, and working office space.

  • Three phase power available

Albers Room

This unique meeting room features a striking bespoke floor with design based on artwork by Bauhaus artist Anni Albers.

  • Includes board table and 10 chairs

Dressing rooms / Green Room

This secluded space with sofas and floor-to-ceiling mirrors can be used for hair/make-up/wardrobe fittings and/or green room.

  • 3 showers/WCs (including 1 accessible)

  • Water cooler and tea/coffee station available on request

Production Space

The production space (not pictured) can be utilised as an office or green room/fitting room. This enclosed space connects with Studio 3 and the Albers Room through internal doors, as well as accessed from the open gallery space, and can be hired in conjunction with studio hires or separately.

Images: Mix The Body filmed by Flying Object in Studio 3; COS film shoot with Company Wayne McGregor in Studio 1; 'Sink or Swim' film shoot by Charlotte Edmonds in Studio 3. Space images by Gilbert McGarragher, Richard Davies and We Not I.