Xeno 1 Xeno 2 Xeno 3

Xeno 1 Xeno 2 Xeno 3

Company Wayne McGregor

20 minutes

Concept, Direction and Choreography
Wayne McGregor

Xeno 1 – World Saxophone Quartet ‘Africa’
Xeno 2 – Steve Reich ‘Sextet’
Xeno 3 – Hardfloor ‘Acperience'

Lighting Design
Jeremy Retford

Originally danced by
Wayne McGregor, Jo Barben, Evelyn Jamieson, Angela Praed, Natalie Gordon and Gemma Clarke

Premiere date and venue
6 January 1993, Resolution!, The Place, London, UK

Xeno 1 Xeno 2 Xeno 3 premiered at The Place in London on 6 January 1993 as part of 'Resolution!'.

This is Wayne McGregor's first work for Company Wayne McGregor, and lead to his appointment as choreographer-in-residence at The Place in September 1993.

Image: Graham Fletcher.

A short film celebrating 25 years of Resolution! at The Place, London, featuring an excerpt of Wayne McGregor dancing in Xeno 1 Xeno 2 Xeno 3, 1993. Introduced by Eddie Nixon, Theatre & Artist Development Director at The Place. Video: The Place, 2014.