QuestLab Network

QuestLab Network is our three-year artist development initiative funded by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence to create a new network of dance artists, developers, technologists and commercial organisations, leading to the development and delivery of performance and engagement projects around the country.

Dance artists are selected to be part of the programme because they are open to new ways of thinking, and passionate about technology’s potential to augment artistic creativity and engagement within the arts.

We are happy to announce that the artists for the second year of QuestLab Network are:
Wilkie Branson
Jo Cork
Tim Casson
Tom Dale
Adrienne Hart
Divya Kasturi
Jess Murray
Lisa May Thomas

About the 2019 artists.

Our first year QuestLab Network artists are:
Tony Adigun
Katie Dale-Everett
Rebecca Evans
Nathan Geering
Tom Hobden
Laura Kriefman
James Middleton
Zach Walker & Jennifer Irons
Kerryn Wise

The first year artists are currently developing a range of dance tech projects to be delivered in their region.

The artists will be joined on the residency by eight creative technologists:
Ava Aghakouchak
Clarice Hilton
Chris Hunt
Will Hurt
Justin Moon
Tim Murray Browne
Alexandra Niaka
Anuja Pathak (Creative Technology Assistant)
Chryssa Varna

Residency contributors:
Ghislaine Boddington (Body Data Space) - Lead contributor and mentor
Toby Coffey (National Theatre)
Elena Cooper (Glasgow University)
Simon Cronshaw (Remix)
Benjamin Dunks
Jake Elwes
Greg Furber
Dr Ruari Glyn (Bartlett)
Kadine James (Hobs 3D)
Goncalo Lopes (Neurogears)
Jessica Massart (Kickstarter)
Annette Mees (Royal Opera House)
Nick Rothwell (Cassiel)
Fran Sanderson (NESTA)
Slade School of Art Jo Townsend (UCL) 

QuestLab Network Programme Curator: Emma McFarland
QuestLab Network evaluator: Kyla Booth-Lucking
Residency researcher: Sarah Levinsky

QuestLab Network opened up multiple new professional avenues for me as an artist and developed my thinking both artistically and strategically, challenging me to test out new approaches to creating work and collaborating within a supported environment. I would 100% recommend it! 

2018 QuestLab Network artist

'Eye opening and inspiring. Felt like it plugged me into a network of makers who were all looking at how to challenge the way dance is made and experienced.'

2018 QuestLab Network artist

'QuestLab Network has developed my access and networks to partners and funding that I did not have or did not know how to approach in the past.'

2018 QuestLab Network artist

'Being part of the QuestLab Network has been such an enriching and inspiring experience for me as an artist/researcher. It has allowed me to make fantastic contacts across academia and industry, and has given me the time and expertise to rethink several elements of how I approach my digital practice as a dance artist. I have also had the mentoring and support to reconsider how I present my work to audiences, venues and promoters. The legacy of this network will continue to inform and impact on my work going forward and I wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone with an interest in developing innovation across dance and technology.'

2018 QuestLab Network artist

Video: QuestLab Network 2018 artist residency at Studio Wayne McGregor. Film by Emma Crouch with additional content by Alicia Clarke, Camilla Greenwell, Gilbert McCarragher, Roundhouse and Random International.