Obsidian Terrace

The striking architecture of the Obsidian Terrace makes it attractive for small scale photo shoots. It can also be utilised for wardrobe fittings and make-up, as well as functioning as a working office space and meeting room.

Dimensions: 6.23m x 4.66m
Total power rating 3.5kw (16A)
Air heating and cooling by air handling units
Wired Data Connection
Access to the Obsidian Corridor on the first floor

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If you would like to enquire about hiring a space at Studio Wayne McGregor, please fill in the Booking Form or email hires@waynemcgregor.com.

Images: Obsidian Terrace & First Floor, Studio Wayne McGregor. Photos by Gilbert McCarragher, Richard Davies, Camilla Greenwell. Image of Natalia Osipova by Lydia Goldblatt for Financial Times.

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