Distributed Choreographic Cognition

Distributed Choreographic Cognition was a collaboration with the University of California, San Diego. The project examined the unique coordination of choreographic thought and action between choreographer and dancers during the creation process, and aimed to visualise the evolution of choreographic form for the audience.

Taking place over a period of three weeks in 2009, Wayne McGregor and company dancers were observed by more than 40 cognitive researchers concerned with examining what happened when McGregor created movement on, and in collaboration with, the dancers.

Articulation of movement and visualisation of cues, responses within the group dynamic and the memorisation of phrases were some of the key research themes identified through this process. These observations were supplemented by in depth interviews carried out with McGregor and the dancers, to explore the nature and role of cognition in creating dance.

The Distributed Choreographic Cognition project was supported by ArtPower! University of San Diego

Images by Adrienne Hughes.

Distributed Choreographic Cognition

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