TED Talk

Wayne McGregor presented at the TED Global conference in June 2012, in the session named Misbehaving Beautifully

He was accompanied by two company dancers, Catarina Carvalho and Paolo Mangiola, who helped him to demonstrate "a choreographer's creative process in real time".

McGregor also wrote an accompanying article, Tips for thinking like a dancer, for the TED blog. Written with Research associates Scott deLahunta and Philip Barnard, the article discusses techniques for exploring creative thinking, based on some of the research projects that have been developed over the past 20 years of collaborative research.

"Physical thinking can build on the power of fast intuitions. It isn’t just one kind of behavior. It happens in your head, with and through your body and with objects and people out there in the world, be they real or imagined. It can be realised through body-to-body transfer (showing); using bodies as objects to think with (making on); and tasking. All can help break movement habits and innovate."

TED Talk - A Choreographer's Creative Process in Real Time, Courtesy of TED Conferences LLC