ABBA Voyage

ABBA Voyage


Svana Gisla and Ludvig Andersson

Baillie Walsh

Co-Executive Producer
Johan Renck

Motion Capture
Industrial Light & Magic

Wayne McGregor

Premiere date and venue
27 May 2022, ABBA Arena, London, UK


Blurring the lines between the physical and digital, the magic of ABBA is brought to life using the latest in motion capture technology in ABBA Voyage.

ABBA Voyage is a revolutionary concert from one of the biggest pop acts of all time featuring a setlist of ABBA’s biggest, most popular hits – each handpicked with great care by the band.

Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid created the kind of concert they always wanted, performing for their fans at their very best: as digital versions of themselves backed by today’s finest musicians, choreographed by Wayne McGregor.

"Imagine: growing up in the North of England in the 70’s and learning to ballroom, Latin and disco dance to the incredible songs of ABBA. I was 8 and I was totally transported. Fast forward to 2020, being in Sweden and dancing with ABBA — in real life! I was about to be 50 and I was totally transported again. That is the magic of ABBA. We have shared many creative and joyful adventures with a bold collaborative team to make the impossible possible for ABBA Voyage: technological wizardry, state of the art immersion and entertainment innovation. And still at its searing heart we simply have new songs, new moves, classic songs, classic moves: ABBA is DANCE and always will be. See you on the dancefloor!” — Wayne McGregor

The digital versions of ABBA were created following weeks and months of motion-capture and performance techniques with the four band members and an 850-strong team from Industrial Light & Magic, the company founded by George Lucas.

Images: Baillie Walsh / courtesy of ABBA Voyage.