Boots N07 TV advertisement

Boots No 7

Boots No 7

Boots and Mother London

60, 30 and 2 x 10 seconds

Tom Harper

Wayne McGregor

Tomboy Films


Kaleo 'Way Down We Go'

Hologram Design

Alessandra Ferri

Premiere date
15 April 2016

Wayne McGregor choreographed Alessandra Ferri for the Boots No 7 campaign in 2016. Ferri danced with a hologram of her younger self from when she first performed as principal dancer for The Royal Ballet in a production of Romeo and Juliet

The visual effects in the advert were created without CGI by world-leading hologram company Musion. The advert was directed by Tom Harper, with new choreography by McGregor. Special credit to Sir Kenneth MacMillan who choreographed 19-year-old Ferri's performance in Romeo and Juliet with The Royal Ballet.

At 19, Alessandra Ferri was the youngest ever principal dancer at The Royal Ballet. She temporarily retired in 2007, but at 52 she returned to dance with the company to create her role in Woolf Works with McGregor. Woolf Works premiered at the Royal Opera House on 11 May 2015 and had its first revival in January 2017. Ferri was the recipient of the Olivier award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance and the National Dance Award for Best Female Dancer for her performance.

Films courtesy of Boots UK and Mother London.

Boots No 7 advert with Alessandra Ferri, 2016. Courtesy of Boots UK and Mother London.

Behind the scenes of the Boots No 7 advert featuring an interview with Alessandra Ferri, 2016. Courtesy of Boots UK and Mother London.