The Brit Awards 2016

The Brit Awards 2016 Opening Sequence 

The Brit Awards 2016 

2 minutes

Co-creative Director
Wayne McGregor

Stuart Price

Costume Design
Gareth Pugh

Screen Content
Ravi Deepres with Stephen Spencer and Luke Unsworth

Premiere date and venue
24 February 2016, O2 Arena, London, UK

Wayne McGregor co-creative directed the opening sequence of The Brit Awards in February 2016. It featured presenters Ant and Dec, and a total of 80 performers including 20 professional and Company dancers, along with 60 students and graduates from The Brit School, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year - a great opportunity for the young dancers, who performed with brilliant professionalism and talent.

Music came from triple grammy-winning producer Stuart Price, with costumes designed by British fashion designer Gareth Pugh who also designed costumes for McGregor's recent work at Paris Opera Ballet Alea Sands (Dec 2015).  Ravi Deepres, along with collaborators Stephen Spencer and Luke Unsworth created the large scale video graphics which were inspired by the stop motion photography of Etienne-Jules Marey and Britannia herself. 

Commissioned by The Brit Awards.

Images by Ravi Deepres with Stephen Spencer and Luke Unsworth, video by BRIT Awards Limited.

The Opening Sequence The Brit Awards 2016