Wide Open

Wide Open

The Chemical Brothers

5 minutes

D O M & N I C 

Wayne McGregor

John Madsen from Outsider

The Chemical Brothers featuring Beck

Visual Effects
The Mill

Sonoya Mizuno

Premiere date
25 January 2016

Best Dance Video
Best VFX

UK Music Video Awards, 2016

Directed by D O M & N I C, The Chemical Brothers 2016 music video for Wide Open features choreography by Wayne McGregor.

Starring actress and dancer Sonoya Mizuno, the video was rehearsed and shot in a former cab workshop in Bethnal Green, London. Using animation, lidar scanning, and bespoke in-house software, the video plays out in one continuous shot showing Mizuno slowing transforming limb by limb as she moves around the expansive space.

The visual effects of the video were created by award winning VFX and Creative Content studio The Mill. Watch the video below to discover more about the creation process behind Wide Open, from initial concept art to the final film.

Images: Taken from Wide Open music video.
Video: Music video for Wide Open, 2016.

Behind the scenes of the Wide Open music video, 2016. Directed by D O M & N I C, courtesy of The Mill.

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