Dice Life

Dice Life

England Lane Production Company

30 minutes

Nick Mead

Su Lim

Wayne McGregor

Luke Rhinehart and Mick Jones

Mick Jones

Laila Diallo (dancer), Leo Lerus (dancer) and Luke Rhinehart (The Dice Man)

Broadcast date
20 March 2004, Channel 4, 18:15

Inspired by cult author Luke Rhinehart’s classic novel The Dice Man, Dice Life is a television short, originally broadcast on Channel 4 in 2004, comprising of six dance episodes that dramatize the philosophical journey of a man experiencing a series of life-defining moments, from birth to re-birth, as dictated by the throw of a dice by The Dice Man.

Directed by Nick Mead with music composed by Mick Jones of the British punk rock band The Clash, Wayne McGregor choreographed the dance sequences in the television short, led by two Company Wayne McGregor dancers, Laila Diallo and Leo Lerus, with Rhinehart himself portraying the character of The Dice Man.

Images: Nick Mead/England Lane Production Company.

Clip from Dice Life (dir. Nick Mead, England Lane Production Company, 2004), featuring Company Wayne McGregor dancers Laila Diallo and Leo Lerus. Courtesy of England Lane Production Company.