Company Wayne McGregor

Fashion Design

Wayne McGregor

Original Music
Joel Cadbury

Style Direction
Hannes Hetta

Film Direction
Vadim Alsayed

Rebecca Bassett-Graham, Jordan James Bridge, Travis Clausen-Knight, Louis McMiller, Daniela Neugebauer, Jacob O'Connell, James Pett, Fukiko Takase, Po-Lin Tung and Jessica Wright

Premiere date and venue
13 June 2018, Pitti Uomo, Istituto degli Inoocenti, Florence, Italy

COS, the London-based fashion brand, presented Soma, a capsule collection of menswear essentials in the form of choreographed art by Wayne McGregor, at the 94th edition of Pitti Uomo, Florence, Italy in June 2018.

Known for its modern and functional garments inspired by the worlds of art and design, the Pitti Uomo event was a choreographed performance conceived by McGregor and performed by dancers of Company Wayne McGregor, in celebration of the capsule collection’s form and function.

Committed to both timeless design and innovation, COS has supported the arts since the launch of the brand through collaborations with established and emerging artists, galleries and creative studios. McGregor put the collection into movement by focusing on the routine subtle gestures  associated with menswear.

‘Playfully exploring the COS collection with a mindfulness and fresh awareness of the wearer, we created a specifically commissioned work by subverting these everyday gestures alongside the designs. We appropriated everyday movement and transformed it into new fictions, as Company Wayne McGregor dancers inhabited the COS collection infused by their own individual physical signatures’. - Wayne McGregor

The performance was live-streamed from Pitti Uomo on 13 June 2018, and the full film is available to view below.

Commissioned by COS.

Images and film: COS.

Trailer for Soma, COS x Pitti Uomo, in collaboration with Wayne McGregor, 2018