Choreographic Thinking Tools

Over the course of ten years, Wayne McGregor worked with cognitive scientists to examine his creative process, looking at the way he collaborates with his dancers in the creation of movement material for performance works. The Choreographic Thinking Tools developed out of this research, and subsequently supported the creation of movement material for dance through tasks that use embodied mental imagery. The tools focus on working with stimuli, how to notice and select features of these stimuli, and how to translate these features into movement. The tools were used successfully for the first time in the production of FAR in October 2010.

Our Creative Learning department has since worked further with cognitive scientists to use the Choreographic Thinking Tools in a learning and participation context. This has led to the development of a resource for dance teachers and practitioners.

Mind and Movement was produced by Studio Wayne McGregor, written by Wayne McGregor, Dr Philip Barnard, Dr Scott deLahunta, Jasmine Wilson and Ellie Douglas-Allan.

This project was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Images by Belinda Lawley.

Choreographic Thinking Tools