Company Wayne McGregor

5 minutes

Ruth Hogben

Creative Director
Gareth Pugh

Wayne McGregor

Sound Design
Lexxx & SilverRoom

Set Design
Thomas Petherick

Costume Design
Gareth Pugh

Make-up Artist
Alex Box

Louis McMiller, Daniela Neugebauer, James Pett and Fukiko Takase

Premiere date and venue
17 April 2015, Sadler's Wells, London, UK

Wayne McGregor collaborated with British fashion designer Gareth Pugh and director Ruth Hogben to create one of seven short films for AnOther Magazine's MOVEment, a series uniting fashion, dance and cinema.
Devised by Jefferson Hack, co-founder and Group Editorial Director of Dazed Group, MOVEment sprang from a desire to see choreographers and designers working together in the medium of film. These collaborations between designers, choreographers and directors resulted in a series of profound artistic engagements exploring the body in motion through the interface of fashion and dance.

This film marks the third collaboration between Wayne McGregor and Gareth Pugh having worked together previously for the 2012 production of Carbon Life and more recently Pugh's spring/summer 2015 collection for New York Fashion Week. Ruth Hogben, a filmmaker and photographer based in London, directed the work.

Commissioned by AnOther Magazine.

Images: Timo Wirsching.

MOVEment (dir. Ruth Hogben, 2015). Creative direction and costume design by Gareth Pugh, and choreography by Wayne McGregor. An AnOther Magazine production.