Ben Cullen Williams

Ben Cullen Williams

London based artist and designer Ben Cullen Williams studies the boundaries between art and architecture. He collaborates on Wayne McGregor’s new work Autobiography, which will have its world premiere in October 2017.

Ravi Deepres


Ravi Deepres is an award-winning artist renowned internationally for his film, photographic and digital media work. Ravi has been working with Wayne McGregor for many years, producing photography and film for many pieces and collaborating on works including Atomos and Entity.

Rick Guest


London based photographer Rick Guest collaborated with McGregor on Atomosproducing the promo images for the work. 

Rashid Rana

Artist and Photographer

Widely considered to be the leading Pakistani artist of his generation, Rashid Rana transposes imagery from one time and place to another, through manipulation, repetition and rearrangement, in the mediums of photography, sculpture and digital printmaking. Rana's designs feature in Wayne McGregor's work for The Royal Ballet, Multiverse.