Ben Cullen Williams

Visual Artist

London based visual artist Ben Cullen Williams studies the boundaries between art and architecture. He first collaborated with Company Wayne McGregor in 2017, designing the set and projections for AutobiographySince then, Williams has created the video installation for Living Archive: An AI Performance Experiment in collaboration with the Google Arts and Culture Lab, and designed the set for Orpheus and Eurydice.

Ravi Deepres


Ravi Deepres is an award-winning artist renowned internationally for his film, photographic and digital media work. Deepres works extensively with contemporary dance companies and has collaborated with Wayne McGregor since the late 90s', producing photography and film for many of McGregor's works and projects including Sulphur 16QualiaGenusEntityAtomosThe BRIT Awards 2016: Opening Sequence, AfteRite, LORE and MADDADDAM. In 2017, Deepres was co-director and cinematographer, alongside providing animation design, for the film of Atomos.

​Tatsuo Miyajima


Japanese sculptor and installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima designed the set and created the video designs for Limen, choreographed by Wayne McGregor for The Royal Ballet in 2009. Miyajima's artworks have also been exhibited at Studio Wayne McGregor in London, including 'Life (les corps sans organes) No. 18' and 'Life (rhizome) No. 16'.


Digital Artists

Digital art collective OpenEndedGroup first collaborated with Wayne McGregor on the development of the Choreographic Language Agent from 2007 to 2009. Since then, McGregor has worked with OpenEndedGroup on their installation Stairwell and the collective designed the 3D stage environment in Mark-Anthony Turnage's 2011 chamber opera Twice Through the Heart, directed by McGregor. In 2013, Marc Downie of OpenEndedGroup continued work on the Choreographic Language Agent research project, working on the design and programming of  'Becoming', the interactive digital object ('11th dancer') used in the creation process for McGregor's Atomos.

Nick Rothwell

Digital Artist

Software architect, programmer and sound artist Nick Rothwell, also known as CASSIEL, first collaborated with Wayne McGregor on the Choreographic Language Agent research project in 2013, contributing to the design and programming of 'Becoming', the interactive digital object ('11th dancer') used in the creation process for McGregor's Atomos. In 2017, Rothwell developed the choreographic tool used for Autobiography, an algorithm that determines the order in which sequences of the work are performed, based on McGregor's genetic code. 

John Warwicker

Graphic Designer

John Warwicker is a designer, and co-founder of the multidisciplinary creative studio Tomato. Warwicker collaborated with Wayne McGregor in 2004 on the graphics and film design for Company Wayne McGregor's AtaXia.

Jane and Louise Wilson


Twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson have worked together throughout their career. Former Turner Prize nominees, their work ranges from large multi-screen video installations and photography to sculpture. The Wilson sisters first worked with Wayne McGregor when they exhibited work as part of the Deloitte Ignite Festival in 2008, curated by McGregor for the Royal Opera House, and in 2009, they designed the visual concept and artwork for Company Wayne McGregor's Dyad 1909.

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