Ben Cullen Williams

Visual artist

London based visual artist Ben Cullen Williams studies the boundaries between art and architecture. He has collaborated with Company Wayne McGregor designing the set and projection for Autobiography, which premiered at Sadler's Wells in October 2017; the video installations for Living Archive: An AI Performance Experiment, which premiered July 2019 at the LA Music Center and for Orpheus & Eurydice which premieres at the London Coliseum, October 2019. 

​Vicki Mortimer


Vicki Mortimer regularly designs for Wayne McGregor. Collaborations include Millenarium, Sulphur 16, Aeon, Qualia, Skindex, Yantra and Genus.

​Tatsuo Miyajima


Tatsuo Miyajima designed the set and provided the video for Limen, choreographed by Wayne McGregor for The Royal Ballet.