Lucy Carter

Lighting Designer

Lighting designer Lucy Carter's partnership with Wayne McGregor spans the whole of McGregor's career. They first collaborated in 1994 on Cyberdream, a learning and engagement project for The Place Theatre Education in London. Since then, they have collaborated on dozens of works and projects for Company Wayne McGregor and companies around the world, including The Millennarium, Symbiont(s), detritusNemesisChroma, Kirikou et Karaba, EntityDyad 1929, FAR,Carbon Life, Rain RoomAtomos, Raven Girl, Woolf Works, Autobiography, AfteRite and The Dante Projectto name a few.

Jeremy Retford

Lighting Design

Lighting designer Jeremy Retford collaborated with Wayne McGregor on the lighting for two of his earliest works for Company Wayne McGregor: Xeno 1 Xeno 2 Xeno 3 in 1993 and Labrax in 1994.