Hildegard Bechtler

Set and Costume Designer

Hildegard Bechtler is an Olivier Award-winning set and costume designer from Germany, who has created the set for two of Wayne McGregor's productions: Dido and Aeneas and Acis and Galatea.

Patrick Burnier

Set and Costume Designer

Patrick Burnier is a set and costume designer and co-founder of Curious Space. Burnier designed the set and costumes for Entitythe set design of which he won the Linbury Prize for Stage Design in 2005.



French architectural design studio Ciguëmade their debut with The Royal Ballet in 2015, designing the first movement, 'I Now, I Then', of Wayne McGregor's Woolf Works.

Ben Cullen Williams

Visual Artist

London based visual artist Ben Cullen Williams studies the boundaries between art and architecture. He first collaborated with Company Wayne McGregor in 2017, designing the set and projections for AutobiographySince then, Williams has created the video installation for Living Archive: An AI Performance Experiment in collaboration with the Google Arts and Culture Lab, and designed the set for Orpheus and Eurydice.

Tacita Dean

Visual Artist

Visual artist Tacita Dean collaborated with Wayne McGregor and The Royal Ballet in designing the set and costumes forThe Dante Project.

Ravi Deepres


Ravi Deepres is an award-winning artist renowned internationally for his film, photographic and digital media work. Deepres works extensively with contemporary dance companies and has collaborated with Wayne McGregor since the late 90s', producing photography and film for many of McGregor's works and projects including Sulphur 16QualiaGenusEntityAtomosThe BRIT Awards 2016: Opening Sequence, AfteRite, LORE and MADDADDAM. In 2017, Deepres was co-director and cinematographer, alongside providing animation design, for the film of Atomos.

Fotini Dimou


Designer Fotini Dimou works extensively with major theatre, opera and dance companies throughout the UK and Europe, alongside designing costume for film and television. Dimou provided the costume designs for Wayne McGregor's Dido and Aeneas, and designed the costumes for the National Theatre's Fram in 2008, on which McGregor was choreographer.

Olafur Eliasson


Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is known for sculptures and large-scale installation art works which employ elemental materials. His most famous works include 'The New York City Waterfalls' and 'The Weather Project' at London's Tate Modern. Eliasson created the visual concept for Wayne McGregor's Tree of Codes in 2015, and dancers from Company Wayne McGregor have performed with Eliasson's Ice Watch installation in Paris (2015) and London (2018), a participatory art piece which raises awareness of climate change by providing a direct and tangible experience of the reality of melting arctic ice.

John Gerrard


John Gerrard's virtual landscape of the Djibouti desert set alight during a US army exercise provided the backdrop to Wayne McGregor's Live Fire Exercise, choreographed on The Royal Ballet in 2011. McGregor also collaborated on the choreography for Gerrard's 'Infinite Freedom Exercise (near Adaban, Iran)', first exhibited at the Manchester International Festival in 2011.

Lorna Heavey


Renowned artist Lorna Heaveyprovided the set and costume designs for The Royal Opera's SUM, premiered in 2012. Directed by Wayne McGregor with music and libretto by Max Richter, SUM is a chamber opera exploring a possible journey after death populated by computers, suburban anterooms and mind-stretching scenarios.

Shirazeh Houshiary

Visual Artist

Shirazeh Houshiary is an Iranian installation artist and sculptor. A former Turner Prize nominee, Houshiary worked with Wayne McGregor and HotBox Studios on Amu, creating the animation entitled 'Veil'. Inspired by the 'Veil of St Veronica' by the Spanish painter Francisco de Zubaran, the animation utilises images from Shirazeh's paintings.

Idris Khan


London-based artist Idris Kahn created the set design for Wayne McGregor's Kairos, premiered by Ballett Zürich in 2014.

Peter McKintosh

Set and Costume Designer

Peter McKintosh is an Olivier Award winning set and costume designer. McKintosh worked with Wayne McGregor on the set and costumes for Kirikou et Karabaa musical adaptation directed by McGregor of Michel Ocelot's 1998 film 'Kirikou and the Sorceress'.

Haroon Mirza

Visual Artist

Winner of the Silver Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, British artist Haroon Mirza first collaborated with Wayne McGregor in 2015 on the scenography and design for Alea Sands. Mirza has since worked with McGregor on two site-specific performances: Into boundless space I leap in 2016 and an 'In Residence' performance by Company Wayne McGregor at the Haroon Mirza Exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection in 2017. Mirza's artwork 'Light Work xxv' is currently installed and on view at Studio Wayne McGregor in London, on loan from the Lisson Gallery.

​Tatsuo Miyajima


Japanese sculptor and installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima designed the set and created the video designs for Limen, choreographed by Wayne McGregor for The Royal Ballet in 2009. Miyajima's artworks have also been exhibited at Studio Wayne McGregor in London, including 'Life (les corps sans organes) No. 18' and 'Life (rhizome) No. 16'.

​Vicki Mortimer


Since their first collaboration on Scottish National Opera's The Marriage of Figaro in 1995, British designer Vicki Mortimer has regularly designed the sets and costumes for a number of Wayne McGregor's works, including The Millennarium, Sulphur 16, AeonQualiaYantra, Raven Girl, AfteRite and LORE.


Digital Artists

Digital art collective OpenEndedGroup first collaborated with Wayne McGregor on the development of the Choreographic Language Agent from 2007 to 2009. Since then, McGregor has worked with OpenEndedGroup on their installation Stairwell and the collective designed the 3D stage environment in Mark-Anthony Turnage's 2011 chamber opera Twice Through the Heart, directed by McGregor. In 2013, Marc Downie of OpenEndedGroup continued work on the Choreographic Language Agent research project, working on the design and programming of  'Becoming', the interactive digital object ('11th dancer') used in the creation process for McGregor's Atomos.

Julian Opie

Visual Artist

British visual artist Julian Opie first worked with Wayne McGregor in 2008, exhibiting work as part of the Deloitte Ignite festival at the Royal Opera House, curated by McGregor. In the same year, Opie designed the set for McGregor's Infra, choreographed on The Royal Ballet.

John Pawson


Renowned British architect John Pawsonprovided the stark, minimalist designs for Wayne McGregor's Chroma, created in 2006 for The Royal Ballet. In their second collaboration, Pawson created the triptych stage design for McGregor's ballet L'Anatomie de la Sensation (Pour Francis Bacon), choreographed on the Paris Opera Ballet in 2011.

Gareth Pugh

Fashion Designer

Leading British fashion designer Gareth Pugh first collaborated with Wayne McGregor in 2012 on Carbon Life, creating the set design and reinventing traditional ballet dress to create bold, angular costumes for the production. Since then, McGregor and Pugh have collaborated on a number of works and projects together, including AnOther Magazine's fashion film MOVEment, stage productions Alea Sands and MADDADDAM, The Brit Awards Opening Sequence in 2016, and Pugh's New York and London fashion shows in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

Rashid Rana

Artist and Photographer

Widely considered to be the leading Pakistani artist of his generation, Rashid Rana works in the mediums of photography, sculpture and digital printmaking to transpose imagery from one time and place to another through manipulation, repetition and rearrangement. Rana's artwork and designs feature in Wayne McGregor's 2016 work Multiverse, including 'Notions of Narration II'.

Random International

Interactive Designers

Best known for their large-scale public installations combining technology, media and art, Random International are a collaborative studio and art collective for experimental practice within contemporary art, founded by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass. Since designing the jaw-dropping scenography for Wayne McGregor's FAR in 2010, Random International have collaborated with McGregor on a number of installation-based dance performances, including Future Self, Rain RoomSelf and Other and +/- Human.

Conrad Shawcross


Conrad Shawcross is a British artist, specializing in mechanical sculptures based on philosophical and scientific ideas. Shawcross provided the centrepiece for Wayne McGregor and Kim Brandstrup's co-choreographed work Machina, created on The Royal Ballet in response to the National Gallery's 'Metamorphosis: Titian 2012' exhibition. In 2013, Shawcross exhibited 'Timepiece', an installation at London's Roundhouse which inspired McGregor to choreograph Azimuth, a dance intervention with the installation performed by Company Wayne McGregor in the former Victorian engine room.

Edmund de Waal


Edmund de Waal is a contemporary British artist and author, known for large-scale installations of porcelain vessels often created in response to collections and archives or the history of a particular place. Wayne McGregor collaborated with Waal on the set design for Yugen, created on The Royal Ballet in 2018 as part of a mixed programme celebrating the centenary of composer Leonard Bernstein. 

Mark Wallinger


Inspired by American sculptor Richard Serra's 'Compilation of Verbs' and the human motion studies of photographer Eadweard J. Muybridge, Turner Prize winning British artist Mark Wallinger designed the visual concepts for Company Wayne McGregor's UNDANCE in 2011.

John Warwicker

Graphic Designer

John Warwicker is a designer, and co-founder of the multidisciplinary creative studio Tomato. Warwicker collaborated with Wayne McGregor in 2004 on the graphics and film design for Company Wayne McGregor's AtaXia.

We Not I


Pioneering architectural practice We Not I have collaborated with Wayne McGregor on the set designs for Woolf Works (Becomings) and MADDADDAM. In 2017, We Not I led the design of Studio Wayne McGregor at Here East on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

Jane and Louise Wilson


Twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson have worked together throughout their career. Former Turner Prize nominees, their work ranges from large multi-screen video installations and photography to sculpture. The Wilson sisters first worked with Wayne McGregor when they exhibited work as part of the Deloitte Ignite Festival in 2008, curated by McGregor for the Royal Opera House, and in 2009, they designed the visual concept and artwork for Company Wayne McGregor's Dyad 1909.

Tauba Auerbach

Set and Costume Designer

American artist Tauba Auerbach created the striking costumes and set design for Wayne's Royal Ballet production Tetractys.

Catherine Smith

Set designer

Catherine Smith collaborates with Wayne McGregor on the set design for the world premiere of a new work for Bayersisches Staatsballet in April 2018.

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